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6 tips for staying cyber secure while remote working 

March 20, 2020

This post was written by Sam, one of our Cyber Security Consultants Photo cred – Nigel As many of us have recently found out, working from home is vastly different from working in your normal office or workspace. Many technologies aim to virtualise the office environment, allowing teams to communicate, coordinate and interact on projects.…

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Statement

March 18, 2020

We understand this is a stressful time for businesses of all sizes. A global pandemic brings with it new challenges, risks and fears, which need to be considered, mitigated and managed. But it’s not all bad: businesses are adapting and evolving at an incredible speed in response to Covid-19 – Securious included – and I’m…

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Secure home working for your staff through the Coronavirus pandemic

March 13, 2020

Many companies are now actively encouraging their employees to work from home due to issues surrounding the spread of the virus. Many larger organisations already have the infrastructure and working practises in place to accommodate large scale home working by employees – Google’s parent company Alphabet (yes, Google is actually owned by a bigger company!)…

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A workshop in Wiltshire with Inspire

March 10, 2020

Four of the Securious team had a great time running a half-day cyber security workshop organised by Inspire for some of Wiltshire’s most exciting businesses. The intention was to help business leaders get to grips with the challenges cyber security presents in a completely non-technical way. We introduced the opportunities good cyber security offers for…

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Fed up of passwords?

February 26, 2020

This post was written by Jack, one of our Cyber Security Consultants.  Passwords are archaic Humans have used passwords since ancient times: Polybius describes, in his writings, the use of a ‘watchword’ to identify allies during wartimes. This was fine when only humans could process these, but computers are a different beast and they are far…

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Hold on to your socks – we’ve got an announcement

February 13, 2020

This one’s for you busy business owners with big growth plans for 2020. For you tech disruptors and digital innovators, with online platforms or services that are critical to your business model. And for you entrepreneurs, owners and directors with no time or energy to think about cyber security. Not to mention work your way…

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PCI DSS for charities: common struggles

January 27, 2020

Are you a charity that receives card payments? Are you aware of your responsibilities when it comes to your annual PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) assessment? Completing an annual PCI DSS assessment is not a nice to have or an option – it is a mandatory action that any organisation is required…

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Local authorities and cyber attacks – a useful free tool

January 22, 2020

Local authorities are a prime target for cyber attacks. In the United States, entire districts have recently been severely disrupted – particularly as a result of costly ransomware attacks. However, there are some useful tools and resources available to help them protect their systems and data, including this free resource… The NCSC has many tools…

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Cyber security in 2020: visibility is key

January 17, 2020

Most businesses have now woken up to the fact they need to put preventive measures in place to protect their systems, networks and data. And indeed, this is an entirely necessary first step towards resilience. But one of the biggest risks organisations will face this year is not having visibility of the attacks their networks…

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Cyber security – from one decade to the next

January 2, 2020

This blog post was written by Ann, one of our Cyber Security Consultants What the Past Decade Has Delivered 2010 seems but a heartbeat ago, yet some of the technologies it delivered are such a big part of our everyday lives that it’s hard to remember life before them. Technologies like our trusty tablets, the…

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