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ALERT from ACTION FRAUD businesses across the UK being extorted

March 4, 2016

Action Fraud has received several reports in the last 24 hours from businesses who have been sent online extortion demands from scammers threatening a cyber attack. The scammers who call themselves the “RepKiller Team” have been sending emails to businesses across the UK demanding payment of between £300-£500 in Bitcoins by a certain date and…

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How much information should you disclose about your staff on your website?

February 22, 2016

Recently it has been reported by the Devon and Cornwall Police  on their cyber threat news, that there was phishing attempt on a business based in Plymouth, Devon.  “The emails purported to be from the CEO of the company and were directed to the Finance Department. They received the email on two occasions, both times…

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Information Commissioner warns firms that three year olds could hack sites

February 1, 2016

Sky News is reporting that the Information Commissioner has warned that hacking into company websites has become so simple that even a three-year-old can be shown how to do it. The Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, has told MPs that  “how to do it” guides available online give such simple instructions on how to stage a…

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Cyber security – former Defence Secretary criticises companies ‘in denial’ of cyber threats

January 27, 2016

The former Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox has spoken about his concerns about the varied (at best) understanding of the potential cyber threats currently being faced by organisations and also about the lack of urgency in dealing with them. In his speech at the Royal United Services Institute, which he called “War of the Invisible Enemy:, he said: “As…

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Cyber Essentials Certification important first step for cyber security says Intel Security

January 20, 2016

Cyber Essentials Certification – Businesses and Government making a commitment to reduce the impact of cyber crime on British Economy Gordon Morrison, director of government relations at Intel security, writing in, suggests that first steps to cyber security should include Cyber Essentials Certification. He says some of the breaches this year showed that many companies are not…

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MOD requires Cyber Essentials

MOD requires Cyber Essentials as baseline requirement -supplier contracts from January 2016

January 15, 2016

MOD requires Cyber Essentials for all suppliers bidding on new contracts as of 1st January 2016. The MOD has recommended that suppliers start working towards Cyber Essential Certification now.   The MOD states the following: “For all new requirements advertised from 1st January 2016 which entail the transfer of MOD identifiable information from customer to supplier…

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Cyber security experts ‘charge £10,000 a day to protect UK’s top firms’

December 9, 2015

The Guardian reported that UK firms were paying Cyber Security experts £10,000 a day to protect them against cyber threats and sophisticated hackers.  This was according to a survey by recruiter Manpower who have seen a four fold rise over the last year in requests from employers for cyber security experts. In reality , however,…

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