Counter Terror Expo – People, People, People

Very informative talks by leading security experts continued throughout the final day of the Counter Terror Expo.

Whether it is understanding the key failures in large organisations, or the use of social media to exploit critical business functions, the message to take home from the event for me is – “It’s about the people, the people, the people”


Each element of security relies upon people.

For example: Who configures the device, who installs the equipment, who is monitoring the system, what happens if there is a failure in any of the processes? Do your staff have adequate awareness and response training?

Many of the latest breaches are down to targeted phishing attacks which rely upon the bad guys masquerading as a trustworthy entity to gain access to your sensitive information.

Understanding the Cyber threat and applying the appropriate controls will help minimize your exposure and ultimately reduce the likelihood of a breach bringing havoc to your organisation.

IMG_1300Securious have the ability to work with organisations of all sizes and can help you achieve compliance with Cyber Essentials, for example, or merely help you understand the Cyber risks that face your business today.