Covid-19 - Guidance for secure home working

To help people ensure their organisations and staff stay secure through the impact of Coronavirus, we are making available resources here to help provide guidance

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Secure home working for your staff through the Coronavirus pandemic

Many companies are now actively encouraging their employees to work from home due to issues surrounding the spread of the virus. Many larger organisations already ...
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Useful articles and updates

Awareness training vitally important as Covid-19 phishing scams increase

The amount of phishing attacks targeting individuals and organisations alike during the Covid-19 pandemic are increasing massively. KnowBe4 benchmarking has found that 37.9 percent of ...
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text message phishing smishing attempt

Coronavirus: Stay vigilant for phishing and smishing attempts

Not much is predictable at the moment, but the eternal opportunism of cyber criminals is something you can bank on (or rather they can). With ...
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6 tips for staying cyber secure while remote working 

This post was written by Sam, one of our Cyber Security Consultants Photo cred - Nigel As many of us have recently found out, working ...
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Home working: preparing your organisation and staff – from NCSC

The National Cyber Security Centre has produced useful guidance for organisations preparing their staff for home working. In their words, the article: recommends steps to ...
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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Statement

We understand this is a stressful time for businesses of all sizes. A global pandemic brings with it new challenges, risks and fears, which need ...
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Securing your systems for your home workers – guidance for IT and network administrators

If you are thinking about getting your workforce to work and access your Windows systems remotely, it is important to ensure your systems are secure ...
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Other useful resources for homeworking

Guidance from National Cyber Security Centre

Guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre, to help you and your staff prepare for home working

Cosmic Business Continuity Helpline

Free resources and emergency helpline to support businesses affected by coronavirus