Cyber security risk because graduates struggle to communicate without using ‘geek speak’

The Times logoThe Times has an interesting article suggesting organisations may be risking their security because computer science graduates learn little about cyber security on their courses and then cannot communicate without using geeky language…

Dr Adrian Davis, a managing director at the International Information Systems Certification Consortium, a not-for-profit association that represents professionals, said graduates knew too little about cyber-attacks on business systems.

He said: “Industry is getting all these graduates that companies don’t want. They leave university with a great understanding of how computers work but that doesn’t necessarily matter much with the real world.”

Too few had the softer skills that allowed them to communicate, unlike other more articulate graduates who could put problems into a business context, which made them appear more credible in front of executives, Dr Davis said.”

More at: Geek-speak graduates leave firms at risk of being hacked (subscription required)

There are several issues here – universities are probably lacking understanding of the cyber security issues that face organisations in the real world, they also struggle, inevitably, to keep teaching up to speed with an ever-changing environment, and security has to be an issue for broader teams within organisations than just the IT department so the ability to communicate really is crucial.


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