Data Security Risks every SME should know about

Companies of all sizes, rely on critical business data in order to succeed and flourish.
What would happen to your business if you lost sensitive information?

Organisations may face financial liabilities if they lose sensitive data in the form of ICO fines for example.
Data breaches can result in direct costs such as reimbursement to customers and data recovery costs.
Even worse is the damage to your reputation – how many customers would remain loyal to your brand, following a data breach? Dataloss (600 x 450)

Employee negligence puts an organisation at risk.

A company’s greatest asset, its employees, can also be its weakest link, especially in an era wherein mobility and accessibility play a huge role in enhancing productivity.

Train staff to identify suspect Emails and the potential threats associated with clicking on links from unknown senders.

SMEs need to protect themselves more.

Companies are no longer just at risk of losing data due to external threats such as hacking and compromises.
They are, in fact, in even graver danger due to employee negligence or maliciousness.

Employee mobility increases the risk of data loss.

Mobile devices enable the workforce to access data from virtually anywhere at any time, allowing greater flexibility and productivity.

Ensure your staff are coherent with your security policies and are adequately trained on situation awareness when working on the go.

SMEs fail to routinely back up data.

Do you routinely back up your data?
This, along with risky employee behaviours, the BYOD trend, lack of adequate security protection, and various other threats to data, is putting your business at great risk.

SMEs do not enforce data security policies.

SMEs run the risk of losing data, employee productivity, revenue, and their reputation with the exponentially increasing number of data breaches.
While technologies are important in data protection, properly managing the “human factor” will also help prevent your organisation from becoming a data breach victim.

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