Cyber Security Digital Forensics

What is digital forensics?

Digital forensics is the process of collection, preservation, analysis and presentation of digital evidence while maintaining the original data’s integrity.

When is digital forensics needed?

Digital forensics can be used in a wide range of investigation types and its primary purpose is to support or refute a hypothesis. Digital forensics can also be used for data services where there is a need to secure, recover or preserve data.

Examples of investigations types which require digital forensics:

  • Fraud investigations
  • Data theft/ leak
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Internal investigations
  • Employee investigations (cyberslacking, bullying/harassment, breach of internal policies, activity prior to leaving)
  • Malware/hacking incident response
  • USB activity analysis

Example of possible data services:

  • Data preservation
  • Data recovery (deleted data, damaged devices)
  • Secure data storage
  • Verifying disk wiping procedures
  • Verifying disk/network encryption
  • Password recovery/ bypass

What type of data can be recovered?

  • Emails/ mailbox
  • Documents
  • Web history
  • USB activity
  • Instant messaging/ communication data
  • Computer activity information
  • Social media
  • Printing logs

How do I know what type of investigation is needed?

Our examiners have the experience to guide you through the steps that are required for investigation.

How are digital forensic services delivered by Securious?

  • First, we need to understand the scope and agree what is needed from the investigation, agree the methodology to be used and then identify target devices for examination.
  • We can complete data acquisition either onsite (covertly if needed) or offsite depending on the scope of investigation.
  • The data processing and analysis will be completed in-house and depending on the scope of investigation we can provide the data for review on a review platform.
  • Finally, Securious will produce a technical report detailing the findings which will be returned alongside the data evidence.

How do I know if our company has the necessary processes in place so that if a forensic investigation is needed that we are ready?

Our examiners have the experience and expertise to advice on forensic readiness. Securious can complete onsite reviews and provide report detailing the findings of the review and advise on possible ways of improving forensic readiness.

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