Q: Can you guide me through PCI-DSS, ISO27001 compliance

A: Yes, this is something Securious aims to help you with


Q: Where do we start with Data Protection?

A: The ICO website is a great source of information as a starting point – for further information on how we engage with you on projects such as DPA feel free to drop us a line


Q: Do I need to provide staff to assist you complete the Audit

A: We normally require assistance on the first day to help us understand your business setup. Following this, your input will be needed at subsequent meetings.


Q: How long does an Audit take?

A: This varies on how complex your business operating model is, and what level of compliance you want to achieve.


Q: Do you offer staff training?

A: We understand the risk from within as a serious problem and we will soon be offering a staff training programme


Q: Do you fix IT hardware such as printers, desktops, laptops, etc

A: No, but we can recommend some excellent providers of this service should you need it

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