Government trains lawyers and accountants in cyber threat

Lawyers and accountants are identified as weak links in the cyber security chain when it comes to holding high value confidential data without adequate safeguards. sc (179 x 160)

Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey has launched free training in cyber security for lawyers and accountants, who are often seen as the ‘weakest link’ in corporate cyber defences.

The online training, announced on Tuesday, aims to make cyber security ‘”part of the day job” for the two professions, giving them information on how to protect themselves and their clients.

Ironically, the scheme picks up on advice from notorious whistle-blower and Government scourge Edward Snowden – who said in July that lawyers, accountants and other professionals should do more to protect the sensitive data they handle through routine encryption.

Security firms have also been highlighting for some time how cyber criminals often attack these advisers, seeing them as a soft target who handle valuable commercial data for corporate clients, but lack the highest levels of cyber threat awareness.

The scheme is being funded by the Government’s £860 million National Cyber Security Strategy. It covers what cyber security is, how it affects lawyers, accountants and their clients, cyber threats, phishing and hacking cyber attacks, and mitigating their impact.

Law Society deputy vice-president Robert Bourns added: “Cyber crime has the potential to compromise both clients’ and solicitors’ data. Training to raise awareness and understanding for all involved in practice is an important part of protection.”

Securious applaud this action and hope to see it extend across other sectors.

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