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Marriott Hotel could not rule out possibility of encryption keys being stolen

Marriott Hotels is investigating a data breach including encrypted payment card data but can not rule out possibility that encryption keys had also been stolen Marriott has set up a separate website to help the 327 million customers who may be affected by the incident. The access attempt was discovered when Marriott received an alert from…

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What is ransomware and how to protect your precious files from it

Dr Zubair Baig and Nikolai Hampton are writing in the Conversation about ransomware and how to protect your files.  They explain why there has been such a rapid increase in its use and how it is evolving. They include practical advice to reduce the risks of becoming a victim. What would it mean if you lost…

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Can we stay safe against the threat of ransomware?

Ransomware is a problem for all devices that connect to the internet. David Glance of the University of Western Australia, writing in the Conversation, explains the effects of an attack and the options for recovery. The possibility of losing all of your files and photos on your computer is a frightening prospect for most people. So…

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