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Half of schools not fully GDPR compliant – is it the same in the business world?

A year on from the introduction of GDPR and after the flurry of privacy notices, are businesses confident with their GDPR compliance? TES reported recently that four in five schools believe fines for breaching new data protection regulations would ‘significantly impact’ them but that only half of schools and colleges were fully compliant. Talking to…

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Demonstrating security measures is a useful marketing tool

Stand out as the supplier of choice by demonstrating the cyber security measures you have in place. Make it easy to find the level of security measures in place and enable your organisation to stand out from the competition. Cyber security compliance then becomes another marketing tool rather than another task. Displaying the level of security measures…

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Secure South West 11 event – access to cyber security expertise locally

SSW11 – The University of Plymouth are hosting the Eleventh Secure South West  event on the 24th October 2018 where academic and industry experts share data and cyber security knowledge with organisations in the South West This free event has gained significant traction within the South West region as it offers an amazing diversity of…

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British Airways card breach – a sophisticated attack?

British Airways reported that it had experienced a “sophisticated, malicious criminal attack” on its website and App resulting in its customers full credit card details being stolen between 21 August and 5th September.  We explore how sophisticated this attack was, given the mandatory controls required to be Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)…

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Advice for charities taking credit card payments

Credit cards are a faster, simpler payment option for charities to facilitate donations. Using credit cards, however, does require additional security measures to be put in place. It is mandatory for charities which process credit cards to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The affect on reputation and possible large…

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Securious Team celebrate qualifications

Securious are building an amazing team. Our commitment to our staff  includes an opportunity to gain industry recognised qualifications as part of their career development. In the last twelve months we have had the privilege of working with Kai and Rebecca from Plymouth University during a work placement year. We wanted to ensure they gained…

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Yahoo! UK fined £250k for data breach involving 500,000 customer details

Yahoo! UK Services Limited has been fined £250,000 as a result of serious inadequacies in technical and organisational controls which lead to 515,121 customer details being stolen. The Customer details included user names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords and encrypted and unencrypted security questions. The personal details were removed from the…

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Minimum level of cyber security yet to be achieved by SW’s largest businesses

Government’s minimum level of cyber security accreditation is yet to be achieved by bulk of South West’s large businesses Securious have carried out new research which has revealed that fewer than 5% of the region’s largest businesses have achieved Cyber Essentials, the minimum level of cyber security compliance set out by the Government. Cyber Essentials…

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DPIAs – protecting data at the design stage

Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) are now mandatory in most cases under GDPR when designing or modifying a process that involves Personal Identifiable Information (PII). DPIAs are now a crucial process for demonstrating to the Supervisory Body (the ICO for the UK) that an organisation has done everything it can to ensure that data is…

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What will the UK election mean for online privacy?

Dr Vladlena Benson of Kingston University, writing in The Conversation, argues that UK-wide political parties proposals about how our data is protected online raises some serious questions – including whether some of the measures proposed will even work. The Conservative party manifesto promises that the UK will be “the safest place to be online”. That’s an…

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