Whether you're a charity or a multi-million-pound company, a one-man-band or a rapidly-growing start-up, we can ensure that you are aware of potential cyber threats and taking the appropriate measures to mitigate them.

Our ethos is to provide qualified, experienced cyber security compliance specialists who will deliver the results you need at a fair price. There are no pushy sales staff, or non-technical account managers - just qualified experts who know how to achieve the results you need.

Aside from the legal requirements set out by the Government and ICO, it is in your own interest to protect your data, networks and systems.

Otherwise, you risk:

Losing money

Cyberattacks can be financially catastrophic. Whether you suffer a ransomware attack, an intercepted invoice, a fine from the ICO or something else, it is sure to cost you time and money. 

Losing data

You could end up unable to access your own data. Your customer information might be stolen, or your business' private data could be broadcasted. Data is money in this day and age, so why risk losing it?

Losing face

Your customers might not be so keen to work with you if you’ve had a breach or don’t take security seriously. And converting prospects could be tricky if cyber security isn’t on your agenda.

I don't know where to start

Help me work out which steps I should be taking to secure my systems, networks and data

Cyber Essentials

Penetration Testing


Cyber Security Audit

ISO 27001

Cyber SOC

PCI DSS Compliance

Breach Response


We do things differently here at Securious.

We want to get to know you. To understand your business and to operate as an extension of your own team. That's how we provide real value and make sure that every service we recommend fits with your overall business objectives.

What our clients say...

"Many thanks for your help with this, you’ve held us by the hand with this process and we really appreciate it."

David Herbert


"We have been working with Securious for 3 months and found their support and expertise second to none. They helped us to understand the process and our places within it. Thanks to their help and support we sailed through our ISO 27001 certification."

Tara Dean


“In achieving the Cyber Essentials Plus certification we believe we have demonstrated that our systems are robust and that we take cyber security seriously. Securious have been invaluable in providing us an independent overview and guidance.”

Peter Creber


“It is essential all our applications are independently tested for vulnerabilities on a regular basis and Securious continue to provide an excellent level of service.”

Neil Robson


“It was really important for us to be able to show our customers we take the security of their data seriously and Cyber Essentials is a great first step. Securious made the process as straightforward as possible for us.”

Debbie Tuck


“It was really important for us to have a highly competent but local company to help us ensure we are PCI compliant and Securious have delivered above and beyond our expectations.”

Adam Sharpe


"Fantastic recent experience dealing with your James Moffitt who assisted my firm with Cyber Essentials. He was great to communicate with and extremely helpful!"

Hannah Somers

Rundlewalker Solicitors

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