Staff awareness training

People are your biggest weakness... or greatest asset

No business stands a hope of avoiding a cyber breach if its people aren't on the ball. They can be your first line of defence - but only if they know what their individual responsibilities are in helping protect your business from cyber attack.

Who is staff awareness training for?

  • Every business should invest in staff awareness training to upskill their teams and help keep their businesses secure.
  • The cyber threats businesses face are constantly evolving, and in order to adequately defend against attack, the whole workforce needs to receive regular updates - at the very least.
  • In an ideal world, a monthly training session would be delivered to everyone in the business. Where this isn't viable, we can deliver video training modules and email threat bulletins directly to your team.

How does it work?

  • We don't think one-size-fits-all approaches are effective, so we start by identifying the key areas to focus on for your team.
  • Then, we create a bespoke training programme to time and budget- always jargon-free and accessible to all - combining facts and stats with straightforward, clear advice.
  • Finally, we test employees, so we can prove their level of awareness and understanding has significantly improved. This means any areas of weakness can be identified, and a refresher worked into a future session.

Why choose our Staff Awareness Training

  • Our sessions are designed on a business-by-business basis to ensure they address your key areas of weakness
  • Regular updates are vital to help keep teams abreast of current cyber threats and aware of their responsibilities
  • Our advice is simple, and we try to make it relevant to employees' own lives, to ensure it's more memorable
  • We continuously knowledge test, so we can see what's working and return to areas where understanding was poor


This is a service tailored to your individual needs and circumstances, so please send get in touch or send a message below for an introductory, non-obligation chat...