Penetration Testing

Safely identify any weaknesses in your systems

A penetration test is an attempt to safely exploit your IT systems to determine whether they’re vulnerable to attack. They are most effective when both external and internal tests are carried out

Who is penetration testing for?

  • Any business or organisation that wants to ensure its critical assets/data are secure 
  • Any business or organisation that wants to demonstrate to stakeholders that it takes security seriously
  • Any business or organisation that processes cardholder data (penetration testing is often a requirement of PCI DSS)
  • Any business or organisation that processes data on behalf of a controller
  • Any business that wants to enhance ISO 27001 or Cyber Essentials Plus certification

Why pentest your systems?

  • Identifying vulnerabilities means you can protect your environment from malicious attacks by mitigating critical threats, which reduces the likelihood of a breach 
  • Evidence testing of systems to demonstrate to customers, business partners and stakeholders that you take security seriously
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements (like PCI DSS) 

How does it work?

  • We tend to start with a scoping call, identifying the boundaries we’re working within. We’ll agree on the requirements and outcomes of the testing, before moving on to testing your systems. 
  • Then, we’ll provide guidance around the vulnerability, impact, threat and the likelihood of a breach within your organisation.
  • We adhere to an agreed set of rules of engagement before, during and after every penetration test.

What happens during a penetration test?

  • Our penetration testers follow a proven methodology with a series simulated tests to identify any weaknesses in your defences - whether internally or externally.
  • Often it is the combination of a series of weaknesses in your systems that allows attacks, rather than a single vulnerability. That's why our tests combine a series of lower-risk exploits in a particular sequence, to determine whether they would have any effect.
  • We test against the OWASP top 10 and detail the penetration test findings in a report that highlights the potential risks and recommends where additional resources should be applied to protect your systems.

How often should we pentest?

  • Penetration testing should be performed on a regular basis. This ensures that you can detect and respond to any newly discovered threats or emerging vulnerabilities that could lead to a system compromise by attackers.

    Furthermore, penetration tests should also be carried out whenever:

    • Significant changes to your infrastructure have taken place
    • Additional locations or branch offices are opened
    • You suspect or have fallen victim to an attack


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