About Us

We are on a mission to make cyber security easy, accessible and engaging

You'll Notice A Difference

We Understand Business

and we get how cyber security fits into it - or how it should (and can). Our team has a diverse background with unique and relevant experience, so our understanding goes above and beyond the technical.

We Aren't Salespeople

- nor do we employ them. Cyber security is ongoing, and so are our relationships with clients. That means we don’t push products or services that won’t help; we just give you information, advice and honesty.

We're Independent

in every way: independently owned, product-agnostic and happy to just get on with it. We’ll progress your cyber security with minimal disruption or involvement from you, as your trusted cyber security partner.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Good cyber security should be accessible to all

  • Our industry should be results driven, like us 😉

  • It's about people as much as technology

How We Work

Forget scare tactics, negativity and obscure technical jargon - we’re not into any of that. We’re way more interested in helping you use cyber security to open new doors, boost your reputation and keep your customers happy. 

  • Firstly, we’ll look at where you are now. What’s good, what’s bad, and what needs attention sharpish

  • From there, we’ll help you fix any of those urgent issues, and prioritise actions to give you a meaningful plan

  • Then, we can help you achieve accreditations, to demonstrate you take cyber security seriously

Along the way, we’ll help build your cyber security confidence. That might mean arming you with knowledge, equipping you with information or suggesting some questions for your IT team or external supplier(s). We can show you that, when reduced to its core principles, cyber security is not complicated or difficult to understand at all.

Our Cyber Security Credentials

View the Securious company and team credentials and qualifications