Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus

Government-backed accreditation for all

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus are great first steps towards making your systems more secure. The certifications are supported by the National Cyber Security Centre, recommended by the ICO and accredited through IASME.

We've been helping businesses achieve their Cyber Essentials certification since 2015, so we know how to make the process painless. The scheme is UK Government-backed and suitable for organisations of all sizes,

Peace of mind

Cyber Essentials helps you guard against 80% of the most common forms of cyber-attacks, and includes automatic cyber liability insurance 

Demonstrate security

Cyber Essentials will help give confidence that you're effectively addressing the cyber security risks that could lead to the loss of confidential data. 

Unlock opportunities

Cyber Essentials is a requirement if you're a supplier to the government or larger organisations. It's also a good marketing and differentiation tool. 

What is Cyber Essentials?

  • The first step towards making your systems more secure - especially if you're at the start of your cyber security journey or have limited funds available.
  • Cyber Essentials consists of a simple online self-assessment that allows you to demonstrate you are taking the appropriate measures to protect your systems, data and networks.
  • It is not a prerequisite for Cyber Essentials Plus, but many businesses still choose to achieve their Cyber Essentials certification before moving on to Cyber Essentials Plus.

How does it work?

  1. You will need to answer a simple online self-assessment questionnaire - we can provide support if needed.
  2. Your responses will be reviewed to ensure that you meet the requirements, and we will come back to you if we believe further clarification is required.
  3. Once the questionnaire has been successfully verified by us, your Cyber Essentials certificate & badge will be issued.


What is Cyber Essentials Plus?

  • The next step up from the Government's important entry level Cyber Essentials scheme, Cyber Essentials Plus is a great way of demonstrating that you take cyber security seriously, because it's verified by a 3rd party (unlike Cyber Essentials, which is a self-assessment).
  • Cyber Essentials Plus is required of any supplier to the Ministry of Defence, and its accreditation is encouraged in organisations working under government departments, local authorities and large companies and organisations.

How does it work?

The assessment targets your organisation's internet-facing infrastructure, workstations and servers, in order to ensure your current software meets the necessary security standards.

  1. We will guide you through the questionnaire, providing support wherever needed.
  2. This will highlight any gaps in your current systems, which we can support you in resolving. 
  3. Once gaps are closed and the questionnaire is completed, we will carry out an on-site technical verification to ensure you have met the requirements of the scheme.
  4. We will perform internal and external vulnerability scans to ensure and demonstrate that the final requirements have been met. 
  5. We will prepare a report of our findings for you and the accreditation body, and arrange for the Cyber Essentials Plus certificate to be issued.