Back The South West Tech List – Securious listed with three of their clients

DevonLive has included Securious and three of their clients in the Back The South West List – 30 top tech firms are the ones to watch for 2019

Securious are part of a list of tech pioneers leading the regions fastest growing economy and is in good company with clients Lightfoot, Rezcomm and Goodgrowth, all Exeter based businesses at the forefront of innovation.

The Tech List, part of the Back The South West campaign, is the second one to have been published and highlights businesses that are ’embracing the future, creating well paid jobs and fuelling the new economy”

The tech list is a snap shot of some of the great tech businesses here in the South West region putting us on the map for fast growth technical and innovative businesses.

When talking about challenges being faced in the next five years Roz Woodward, CEO of Securious said:

“Interestingly, I think one of the biggest challenges for Securious will be education; most businesses now know they should be (if they aren’t already) building resilience to ensure their systems are robust and their data protected. However, there are so many myths and misconceptions around the process of achieving accreditation for cyber security. For example, people sometimes say that it’s a dark art, it’s scary or it’s difficult. Or that it’s complicated and will disrupt day-to-day business. These fears needn’t be – and as a rule, aren’t – true.”

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