Cyber Essentials Certification important first step for cyber security says Intel Security

Cyber Essentials Certification – Businesses and Government making a commitment to reduce the impact of cyber crime on British Economy

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Cyber Essentials Certification

Gordon Morrison, director of government relations at Intel security, writing in, suggests that first steps to cyber security should include Cyber Essentials Certification. He says some of the breaches this year showed that many companies are not doing enough to mitigate the risks. He explains that  businesses should treat cyber security as a normal part of ‘business as usual, starting with standards such as Cyber Essential Certification. He says:

“The government’s Cyber Essentials scheme does just that. Offering the first steps of basic cyber hygiene measures that all organisations can implement and build upon, it helps provide businesses with the essential information that can significantly reduce a business’s risk…

The impact that knowledge and effective cybersecurity planning can have on an organisation cannot be underestimated. Achieving the basic level of cybersecurity could prevent up to 80% of cyberattacks, to which companies would otherwise be vulnerable” –

The Government published the  2015 Information Security Breaches Survey in June 2015 which highlights that 74% of small businesses had a security breach in the year to June 2014. Additionally, the average cost of breaches continues for small companies ranges from £75k to £311K (£65k to£115k a year before). This highlights even small business are vulnerable as targets for cyber criminals.

Mr Morrison suggests that many companies are ‘bemused’ about how to spend their cyber security budget to reduce vulnerabilities. He also raises the question who should be responsible? He concludes that we should all take responsibility. The cost of cyber crime to the British economy has an impact on us all. We should all be taking steps to mitigate these risks and the the first steps do not need to be expensive.  Achieving Government’s Cyber Essentials Certification offers the first steps to implementing cyber security measures, and could prevent up to 80% of cyber attacks.  Cyber Essentials Certification is a basic, cost effective standard that all organisations can build on. There may be additional benefits for businesses who certify under the scheme.

How can Cyber Essentials Certification help my business?

Implementing Cyber Essentials allows companies to massively reduce their vulnerability to cyber attacks (by possibly up to 80%). It also demonstrates, to potential partners and customers, that you have achieved the basic government endorsed standard. This can assist business by providing a competitive edge and boosting reputation. Additionally Cyber Essentials and other standards could improve the overall way you manage risk at Board level, and ensure that IT systems are effective and up to date.

Gordon Morrison adds:

“Companies that haven’t yet invested in appropriate and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions must look to these schemes to help them take their first educated steps into the world of security. It could be the most important first steps they ever take”.

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