Cyber Essentials Plus

What is Cyber Essentials Plus?

Cyber Essentials Plus is the next step up from the Government’s important entry level Cyber Essentials scheme and requires independent on-site verification from a certification body.

Why is Cyber Essentials Plus needed?

  • Provides a level of reassurance that you have in place the basic cyber security controls to protect you against the most common internet-based cyber threats.
  • Enables organisations to demonstrate that they are a trusted partner and have take the protection of sensitive data seriously with a formally recognised certification.
  • Required by any supplier to Ministry of Defence and increasingly by those undertaking work for government departments, local authorities and large companies and organisations.

What does Cyber Essentials Plus do for me?

  • Takes you through an assessment process to understand the controls you need in your business or organisation for good cyber security and whether you are currently meeting them or not.
  • Gives you the opportunity to close any gaps in your cyber security systems and therefore improve your organisation’s cyber security resilience.
  • Gives you a formal accreditation that you can use on your website, documentation and promotional materials
  • Enables you to show your clients, prospects and partners you take the protection of data and private information seriously.
  • Increasingly insurance companies (such as AIG) are offering preferential rates to clients who have obtained Cyber Essentials and/or Cyber Essentials Plus

How is Cyber Essentials Plus delivered by Securious?

  • The process starts with the completion of a questionnaire which the qualified cyber security experts at Securious will help take you through. We are always at the end of a phone and are happy to explain the intent of the questions and to offer advice with any of the controls.
  • By completing the questionnaire any gaps in your current systems against the standard will be identified, and Securious are happy to  advise you how to close these gaps.
  • Once gaps are closed and the questionnaire is completed, Securious will carry out an on-site technical verification to ensure you have met the requirements of the scheme.
  • Securious will additionally carry out internal and external vulnerability scans to ensure and demonstrate that the controls have been met.
  • Securious will then prepare a report of their findings for you and the accreditation body and arrange for the Cyber Essentials Plus certificate to be issued.

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