Cyber security accreditations – what are the benefits?


Cyber security is becoming  a bigger focus for organisations all over the world. Threats are constantly evolving and clients, customers and supply chains are increasingly demanding proof that you have measures in place to protect their information. 

Why get accredited?

Accreditations are increasingly required when working with the government and larger organisations (with this trend set to trickle down the supply chain).

If you have measures in place to protect your data beyond those of your competitors, you’re in a much better position to win business. But this won’t be the case for long – get ahead of the game while the world drags its heels. 

Gaining accreditations also means you are in better shape (thus less likely to be breached), and if you do get hit, you can prove that you made an effort to protect your data. 

Cyber security accreditations are easier to get sooner rather than later. Then, as you grow, you can do so with the requirements in mind. It’s far less expensive than a big overhaul down the line.

What accreditations should I consider?

The government-approved Cyber Essentials is a great place to start, costing only £295+vat for the certification – and it comes with cyber insurance. It helps you protect against 80% of the most common forms of internet threat.

Then you’ve got Cyber Essentials Plus – the next step up. It covers the same measures as Cyber Essentials, but it also includes 3rd party verification, which gives it far more weight. It costs from £1,620+vat. 

Beyond that, we’d recommend ISO 27001 – the International Standard for information security. It’s a bigger project to take on, but it’s transformative, and should form the backbone of your information security strategy. Traditional implementation is expensive, but with Securious, you can achieve it from just £995+vat.

For more information on achieving accreditations, head to our services page.