Cyber Security Health Check for businesses with remote workers

Security for the new normal

This health check provides reassurance that you have appropriate cyber security in place to protect your business even if your team are no longer permanently based within your office environment

How does it work?

  • Many organisations have increased remote working due to Covid 19 and it has resulted in increased levels of vulnerability.
  • Our experienced professionals will review your current cyber security and identify the critical areas you need to address.
  • They will then create a plan on how you can develop this further, and identify areas where you can put in place robust practices to secure your business further.

What do I get?

  • Scope and discovery meeting
  • Review of infrastructure, servers, systems, processes
  • Review of desktop/laptop builds
  • Infrastructure scan
  • Review of access controls (inc. Active Directory review)
  • Review of security systems
  • Review of multi-factor authentication
  • Review of mobile devices
  • Remote access review
  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Third-party review
  • Report and next steps


Single location up to 20 users from £1,495 (+ vat)