Online ISO 27001 Academy

A better way to get your business ISO 27001 accredited

Implementing ISO 27001 can be challenging, especially when we are having to adapt to remote working. That's why we've pioneered the Securious ISO 27001 Academy where we work with businesses in a collaborative, interactive online workshop for a more effective (and cost-effective) implementation

Who is the ISO 27001 Academy for?

Any business or organisation looking to implement an information security system that helps them align with - and achieve - ISO 27001:2013, the International Standard for Information Security

How does it work?

Over 6 sessions, each business will gain an understanding of the Standard, its application and implementation, while building an information security management system manual - the core document required for ISO 27001. The following will be covered in the six two hour workshops.

  • What is ISO 27001 and how can this assist with GDPR compliance
  • Leadership requirements and support for ISO 27001
  • Planning and asset management
  • Introduction to risk assessment
  • Introduction to risk treatment
  • Introduction to Performance Evaluation

Why choose the ISO 27001 Academy?

  • No loss of progress because of remote working - all models delivered online through webinar-style interaction
  • Lower cost - less than half the normal investment required for ISO 27001 implementation
  • Accountability - the group works towards the same objectives, which motivates members to stay on track
  • Peer group - work with and learn from like-minded businesses to discuss and overcome challenges

Additional services available

  • Gap analysis
  • Document review / creation
  • Internal audit and report
  • Document templates
  • Risk assessments
  • Attendance at management meetings

prices available on request

What are the benefits of ISO 27001?

  • Manage your information in line with the GDPR
  • Prove you have a system in place to continually review and improve your information security - improving credibility with customers, business partners and staff
  • Bid for contracts with larger organisations who require the certification
  • Minimise the evidence required for larger organisation to complete their due diligence
  • Identify your information assets and their value, so you can make informed decisions to mitigate risks and ensure efficient spending

Special launch pricing

All 6 workshops for just £995 + vatAll 6 workshops for just £995 + vat

Feedback for our ISO 27001 Academy

"The format of the Securious ISO academy was perfect for my business… The Securious team were great - they really know their stuff and they deliver the content well."

Graham Heydon

Heydon Innovation

“...The patience and support given was outstanding and sharing the experience with other companies really helps to answer the questions you may forget to ask along the way”

Clare Shobbrook

Halco Products

"Your introductory course is a definite accelerator for this activity needed for ISO27001 and makes a daunting journey that much more accessible.”

John White


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