Kai from Securious awarded prestigious pentesting qualification


Securious are delighted that Kai Mannion, a Plymouth University Student on a 12 month placement with them, has achieved CREST CRT (Pen) qualification.

Pete Woodward of Securious said “When Kai applied to us for his placement year we were very impressed that he had already managed to achieve the OSCP qualification independently.

We aim to give all our placements an opportunity to achieve an industry recognised qualification with us before they return to university for their final year and this was a great opportunity to build on his existing qualification.”

In 2015, CREST entered in to a partnership with Offensive Security to provide OSCP certified individuals with the CREST equivalent certification, the CRT (Pen), dependent on their passing CREST’s entry level CREST Practitioner Security Analyst (CPSA) exam, which involves correctly answering 60% of 120 questions over the course of two hours.


CREST is a not for profit organisation that aims to regulate the technical information security industry by providing accreditation and practical assurances to both professionals and companies alike.

The CREST Registered Tester (CRT) qualification is the second step in the CREST penetration testing pathway, and is designed to assess the candidates technical knowledge of a wide variety of disciplines.

OSCP Equivalency

The Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification is the reward for successfully completing Offensive Security’s notoriously difficult ‘Penetration Testing with Kali Linux’ course, including the gruelling 24h exam in which the candidate must compromise a small network of vulnerable machines.

Why it’s Important

The idea behind the collaboration was to drive greater confidence in the capabilities of the Penetration Testing industry by allowing Offensive Security students to obtain the more locally recognised CRT (Pen), and gain a professional foothold in the industry.

Kai said “I’m delighted to have successfully completed the CPSA exam and gained my CRT (Pen) equivalency. While I owe a great deal to Offensive Security for their outstanding course, I appreciate the excellent work that CREST is doing for the industry and I’m extremely grateful to Securious for providing me with the opportunity to obtain an industry standard qualification which has undoubtedly improved my prospects for the future.”

 Securious is a cyber security compliance company based in Devon serving businesses and organisations across the South West and beyond. We offer rapid Cyber Essentials certification, ISO 27001 Compliance and PCI DSS Compliance as well as PEN testing (penetration testing) and cyber security consultancy.