Cyber Security Awareness Training


Why Cyber Security Awareness Training?

Securious offer an opportunity to work with you to build resilience within your organisation. We find the best way to do this is working with your management and staff. The following are the key areas that sharing knowledge with experienced cyber security professionals can really make a difference

Cyber Essentials Workshop

Completing the Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus questionnaires may require assistance to identify the intent of the questions being asked and how you can ensure the requirements are met. A workshop with you and your technical team can lead you through the questionnaire; identify any potential gaps in your current systems security, and requirements needed to meet the standard.

We do not implement any changes, and this would be purely for guidance. (Please note-we do work with partners who can help you with any implementations required)

PCI DSS workshop

There are four different level of assessment from the self-assessment questionnaire, completed on an online portal to a full level 1 assessment.

Even at the lowest level, being able to identify the intent of the questions and answer the Self assessment questionnaire correctly sometimes requires the assistance of a qualified PCI QSA.

Meeting the PCI DSS standards at the highest level and completing the Report on Compliance will require a PCI QSA working with you, and then signing off that you are compliant.

Often the best way to start the process is with a workshop with you and your technical staff where we can guide you through the process and assist you with the requirements.

ISO27001:2013 workshop

The most important aspect of ISO27001 is that it is driven from the senior management all the way down through the organisation. It is very important that management are involved at inception and then all the way to completion (see ISO 27001 page)

Senior management and staff will benefit from a series workshops to help guide them through the process to implement a robust standard that becomes the cornerstone of the organisation’s cyber resilience.(see diagram of ISO 27001 page).