PCI Compliance

PCI compliance: PCI DSS and credit card security

PCI compliance - what it involves, why it is important and how Securious can help you achieve PCI compliance as quickly and easily as possible...

pci_ssc_qsa1What is PCI DSS?

This is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and was set up to help businesses process card payments securely and thereby reduce payment card fraud.  The standard protects card holder data by implementing thorough controls around how cardholder data is stored, transmitted and processed.

Why is PCI DSS Compliance Important and why should I do it?

Being PCI DSS Compliant means that you are taking all the measures you can to ensure that your customers’ valuable data is safe and secure.  If you suffer a Data Breach, i.e. lose card data, and you are not PCI Compliant you may be subject to fines and also be liable for the fraud losses incurred against the card data lost. You are responsible for looking after your customers’ card data.  They may not want to do business with you in the future if you fail in this duty and the bad publicity that ensues can be very damaging to a business.

How will achieving PCI Compliance benefit my business?

Being compliant means that you adhere to the relevant PCI DSS controls to help protect your cardholder data environment which will build confidence in your customers that they can trust you, helping to secure future business.

It ensures you have an ongoing process in place which will form a large part of your organisation’s security strategy.

Not being compliant could however, have a very negative and lasting impact on your business including damage to your reputation and loss of sales. Other consequences could also include legal action, payment card issuer and government fines.

You may also be liable for non-compliance fines if you fail to work towards compliance with your acquirer. The acquirer may eventually have no option but to be forced to cease working with you, preventing you being able to accept payments by card.

How can Securious help?

We can run a one day workshop to get you started and to help you understand what you need to achieve and what steps you need to take to get there.

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