Police and Security Experts Fighting back against online crime

Securious is in the news promoting ways in which you can protect your business and general online security. The full article was published in the Plymouth Herald on Sunday and can be found through the link below.

By taking a few simple steps you can help protect your business from at least 80% of the most common cyber attacks, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth!

For instance – If you have a security device protecting you from the Internet, this could be a router and/or firewall, it is important not to use the manufacturers default username and password.

Attackers will manipulate the defaults fist – Don’t make it easy for them.

Keep your systems and software up to date with the latest manufacturers patches – This will help protect you from vulnerabilities that target un-patched devices.

What about Antivirus and Anti-malware?- Spend a little here, on decent protection, and this will ensure a solid layer of your overall protection.

Only let your users have the necessary access to systems that allow them to carry out their job- A ‘hacker’ will always try and escalate user access to allow him to change critical systems and configurations.

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As a Cyber Essentials Certification body, we can help you obtain the Government standard and take the first steps to Cyber protection.

Pete Woodward – CEO, Securious says – “If you do nothing more than call us for advice, we will happy that the message is reaching the business community. Cybercrime is a serious problem and is costing businesses and organisations dearly. Some of the most simple steps to help protect you are low cost solutions, and easily configured. “


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