A workshop in Wiltshire with Inspire

Four of the Securious team had a great time running a half-day cyber security workshop organised by Inspire for some of Wiltshire’s most exciting businesses.

The intention was to help business leaders get to grips with the challenges cyber security presents in a completely non-technical way. We introduced the opportunities good cyber security offers for helping them grow, and gave them the tools to build a cyber security strategy and action plan.

Tony kicked things off by talking about the often less recognised ways good cyber security can offer businesses a real competitive advantage over their rivals. He also outlined research that shows how it adds to a company’s value and protects their reputation should the worst happen.

Holly and Tony then introduced 10 key building blocks that offer many businesses a quick win in terms of building their resilience. These ranged from actions to build a stronger perimeter through to the need to build all-staff awareness and a positive cyber security culture.

After a short break, Roz and Nigel took over to talk through the steps needed to build a cyber security strategy. Using a cake factory scenario, they explained how priorities can be assessed through both risk and opportunity-based criteria and discussed the importance of progress rather than perfection. 

It was the first time we had run this workshop and while we have immediately started work on making it better next time, the feedback we received was really encouraging…

“Insightful session. Well worth the time out to reflect on your business. Not only a way to protect your IP but also to promote it”

If you would be interested in attending or hosting an event like this, please let us know!