Securious SOC and SIEM solutions

Logging and monitoring

Your managed SOC (Security Operations Centre) or SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solution from Securious is like having a team of virtual security guards looking after your computer systems and networks.

All events that happen on your systems are recorded and suspicious or abnormal behaviour can be flagged up for investigation.

It will help improve your cyber security, meet your compliance requirements and keep fully accessible activity records should you need them.

Who's it for?

  • Security Operations Centres (or SOCs) are best practice in large corporations and government organisations but have traditionally been too expensive for most businesses.
  • The Securious SOC solution changes that by bringing enterprise-grade security to the SME market, meaning all businesses can find an affordable solution to improve their cyber security, compliance and monitoring.
  • It is powered by Assuria, based in the UK and a world leader in cyber security monitoring and scanning solutions. Assuria products are licensed around the world by government departments, defence agencies and major corporations.

What do I get?

  • The ability to detect and respond to cyber threats
  • Increases resilience to malicious and non-malicious external and internal threats
  • Identification of criminal or negligent behaviours
  • Insight and intelligence about user behaviours
  • Full recording of all network activities
  • Regular cost-efficient vulnerability scanning
  • Forensic capabilities in the event of an incident


Three standard services are offered: Bronze (reporting & alerting-only), Silver (triage) and Gold (analyst-supported). For those requiring 24/7 support, our Platinum package is available on request.

All the below are based on:

    - 10 connector agents

     - 30 days retention

All services are contracted annually and invoiced monthly.


Including initial analysis, tuning and configuration of customer environment.

£1,895 one-off (to include half-day cyber security audit)


£845 + VAT Per Month
  • Web-based portal with functionality to view event information
  • Alerts generated by high-probability suspicious activity
  • Monthly vulnerability scan
  • Collects security event data 24/7 from the customer’s standard Connectors
  • Helpdesk (only sysadmin support; not cyber analysis assistance)
  • Based on our controls (aligned with GPG13) plus customer-specific configuration such as normal working hours, etc
  • Customer is responsible for analysis and subsequent actions (e.g. incident response)


£1095 + VAT Per Month
  • Everything in Bronze package plus
  • Cyber analyst will analyse and interpret alerts
  • - Analyst will triage and classify
  • - If determined to be anomalous, Analyst will contact customer to discuss
  • - Analyst will only provide assistance on alerts generated
  • - All further action is outside of scope
  • Analyst is available as a helpdesk to discuss event analysis of alerts generated
  • Normal working hours only


£2395 + VAT Per Month
  • Everything in Silver package plus
  • A bespoke customer profile will be built to better understand environmental factors
  • Analyst will:
  • - Analyse and interpret events outside the scope of alerts
  • - Reasonable steps will be taken and time spent to correlate disparate information
  • - Where required, Analyst will liaise with customer to obtain a greater understanding
  • Analyst will utilise third party cyber intel to improve efficacy
  • Proprietary tools will be used to augment the standard analysis

Options (available on all service levels)

  • Additional Connectors
  • Longer retention
  • Critical file monitoring
  • PCI compliance
  • Archiving

  • Specialist event sources
  • Bespoke event sources
  • Bespoke analysis rules
  • Deployment assistance
  • Forensic investigation

  • Health check
  • Connector adds & moves
  • Tuning

Prices on request

Ready to get your managed SOC (or learn more)?

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