100 free vulnerability scans available for Exeter businesses

In a quickly evolving digital world, the security of your network, systems and data (particularly any customer data that you hold) is becoming increasingly critical.

Much as an open window or an unlocked door of your property could easily be exploited by someone with less than honourable motives, so might any gaps in the external perimeter of your IT network… and the consequences could be catastrophic.

We are the South West’s leading cyber security company, and since Exeter has such a thriving community of fantastic businesses, we want to do our bit to support as many as possible in taking an easy step towards securing their data.

We are offering a limited number of free vulnerability scans (IT network perimeter health checks) to businesses within the Exeter area. The scan is non-intrusive and will identify vulnerabilities within your external network. It will also provide you with a report that details any remedial changes required to help keep your data secure from outside threats. Our team will even talk you through it if you have any trouble getting your head round some of the more technical aspects.

In essence, we will perform a perimeter scan of your network, rattle a few locks and take a note of anything that isn’t secured and could be accessed.

(We will never exploit any vulnerabilities that the scan detects, but where we do find any, we will let you know of their existence and make some recommendations for how they can be secured. Whilst we are always on hand to guide and support, how you choose to fix anything the scan identifies is entirely your choice.)

To claim your free vulnerability scan, click here.