Devon cyber security specialists featured in Western Morning News

With all the talk this morning of cyber security on the national BBC News (Criminals winning ‘cyber arms race’ – National Crime Agency) we are delighted to see the profile of cyber security issues being raised locally here in the South West via the Western Morning News: Move to Science Park key to success for web security firm.

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If you are concerned about cyber security in your business or organisation then our message remains clear: you need to take it seriously but you should not panic because there are a number of relatively straightforward and painless steps you can take to bring your security up to scratch.

The starting point for most organisations should be the Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme which ensures a very good basic level of good cyber security hygiene and which can be obtained for as little as £295.

For those with more complex needs, and especially those taking credit card payments, the requirements are clearly tougher, but as the only business in the South West qualified to provide full compliance, we are able to assist at much more realistic prices than companies from out of the region.

If you would like to talk through the options do give us a call on 01392 247 100 or send us an email – our mission is to help make the South West cyber secure and we would love to help you.