Securious and cyber security featured in Exeter Express and Echo

Securious Cyber Security Devon Exeter Express Echo 20160711

We are delighted to see the profile of Securious and Cyber Security being raised in a recently published article in the local Exeter Express and Echo newspaper.

The article discusses how moving to the Exeter Science Park has meant that there is now a specialist company based here in the South West who can offer expert, qualified and certified assistance with core cyber security measures including PCI Compliance, ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials.

Here is a short extract of comments made by Securious co-founder Roz Woodward:

“Around 80 per cent of cyber attacks could be prevented if basic security measures were implemented.

The Cyber Essentials scheme shows how to put these controls in place and helps organisations to assure their customers, investors and insurers that they have taken essential precautions to protect data.

All organisations should really be complying with the scheme in order to reduce their vulnerability. It’s a low cost process and can save companies thousands of pounds in the long term.

The Cyber Essentials scheme has become a ‘must’ for organisations big and small…”

In addition, Exeter Science Park Centre director Robin Jackson is quoted in the article as saying Securious has been a welcome addition.

“Since arriving in April Securious have really embraced all that we have to offer here at the Science Park… focussing on compliance and educating companies on the threat landscape that is ever present in the world of Cyber Security.”

We are really keen to engage with Devon and Cornwall businesses, public sector organisations and charities to help them become more cyber aware and cyber secure. If you would like a chat about your situation – including hearing some advice on simple but effective steps you can take to increase your cyber security – please give us a call on 01392 247 110 or contact us using this form.