Hold on to your socks – we’ve got an announcement

This one’s for you busy business owners with big growth plans for 2020.

For you tech disruptors and digital innovators, with online platforms or services that are critical to your business model.

And for you entrepreneurs, owners and directors with no time or energy to think about cyber security. Not to mention work your way through a todo list…

But still, you know it’s important. It’s making its way into the mainstream news on a near-enough daily basis.

You’re probably painfully aware that every day that goes by is a lucky escape, and that you need to do something… soon.

And now you can. You can do something big, something impactful, and something that lets you punch above your weight budet-wise.

Because the Securious SOC has landed

Our SOC (Security Operations Centre) is like a high-tech CCTV system for your network, with a team of virtual security guards thrown in to keep an eye on everything.

They watch the footage, investigate suspicious activity and look back at historic events to work out how a breach may have occurred.

If you’d like to talk to one of our team about how your business could benefit from having FULL VISIBILITY of everything that happens on your network (which reduces the potential impact and likelihood of a breach by huge amounts), get in touch today.


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