Honda’s global operations hit by cyber-attack

The BBC is reporting that Honda was hit with a confirmed cyber attack yesterday, and while the Japanese car-maker is currently insisting that no data has been breached, the attack has impacted its global operations, forcing it to halt work at its UK plant and suspend operations in North America, Turkey, Italy and Japan.

“Honda can confirm that a cyber-attack has taken place on the Honda network,” Honda said in a statement given to the BBC.

It added that the problem was affecting its ability to access its computer servers, use email and otherwise make use of its internal systems.

“There is also an impact on production systems outside of Japan,” it added.

“Work is being undertaken to minimise the impact and to restore full functionality of production, sales and development activities.”

Pete, our Co-founder and CTO, comments:

“This looks to be a real blow to Honda, at a time when cyber defences are having to cope with a dispersed and fragmented workforce, along with the economic outlook, it really doesn’t matter if it is ransomware, or an industrial control system virus, the impact is still significant. ”

Read the full article on the BBC at: Honda’s global operations hit by cyber-attack