Cyber attacks on Brits working from home see “huge rise”

The Guardian is reporting that cyber attackers have launched a wave of cyber-attacks trying to exploit British people working from home, as the coronavirus lockdown forces people to use often unfamiliar computer systems:

The proportion of attacks targeting home workers increased from 12% of malicious email traffic before the UK’s lockdown began in March to more than 60% six weeks later, according to to data from cybersecurity company Darktrace provided to the Guardian.

Attacks specifically aimed at exploiting the chaos wrought by Sars-CoV-2 have been evident since January, when the outbreak started to garner international news headlines.

The attacks have increased in sophistication, specifically targeting coronavirus-related anxieties rather than the more usual attempts at financial fraud or extortion.

The article also notes that attacks have targeted the tools people working from home are using such as fake requests to reset virtual private network (VPN) accounts, sending fake sign-in pages for Zoom video conferencing and faking incoming “chat” requests from colleagues on supposedly corporate messaging systems.

Read the full article in the Guardian at: Huge rise in hacking attacks on home workers during lockdown

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