Spike in Google searches reveals uncertainty around security and home working

According to Computer Weekly, an analysis of searches in Google over the last few weeks has highlighted that the Covid-19 crisis is presenting significant cyber security challenges.

There has been an alarming –  yet sadly, unsurprising – increase in the number of searches for preparing Business Continuity Plans. It’s one of those things that’s been on the ‘to do’ list forever, but hasn’t yet been done by many. 

The challenge of moving staff to remote working in a very short space of time without having a detailed plan in place has been a difficult one for many organisations – which has been compounded by the cyber security issues around extending business perimeters into team-members’ homes. This throws up new opportunities for criminals looking to take advantage of the situation through phishing scams, which lure business owners looking for financial support packages to fall for scam emails relating to HMRC and the Government, among others.

Now we are working remotely, there is an increased need for vigilance, and we must ensure that we are monitoring our environments for potential threats and reminding our employees of the need to be cyber aware – it may even be an opportune time to check out awareness training.

We can’t advise strongly enough documenting your Business Continuity Plan – review what is now in place, and what information was missing, and take a moment to consider how you could improve your plan for next time.