SW Cyber Security Cluster Event – 21st May, 2015

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South West Cyber Security Cluster

OPEN MEETING: Thursday 21May2015 3.00 –6pm


The Edwardian Suite, The Devon Hotel, Marsh Barton, Exeter, EX2 8XU


This open meeting is a free CPD/Networking event that gives organisations in the South West an opportunity to learn more about Cyber Security in the region and ask advice of the Cluster members. It also gives prospective members an opportunity to learn more about the collaboration within the Cluster and have access to industry updates.

Who should attend? Directors, business owners, managers and supervisors responsible for the integrity of their data and systems.

This meeting will focus on:

“The bad guys have got in. Now what?”

“Every organisation or business should assume it will suffer a cyber-breach of some sort, at some time. The evidence is there; something new is reported in the press every day, from Sony to White House emails, WikiLeaks to X-Box service denial… Of course we will try to prevent it, but the prudent business must be ready to respond when the nightmare happens, and to minimise its impact. With so much reliance on the Internet and digital data, a cyber-survival strategy is no longer an optional extra. Andrew Thompson will make the case for cyber survival to be treated as a fundamental, board-level, business challenge – not just an IT problem.”

Delivering Cyber Security Strategy-education and awareness

Nick Palmer will speak about Cyber security awareness and education as a fundamental enabler for delivering any Survival strategy including what it needs to

The Problem with Passwords

Dr Paul Dowland from Plymouth University presents a series of survey findings that illustrate the significant problems that still persist in terms of guidance and usage surrounding passwords including the role that the human plays. As part of the presentation, two studies will be considered: one looking at the issues of password practices on a selection of commonly used websites; with a second study considering the impact that directed guidance has on user selection of passwords.

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